Anna EkUIPments pvt limited

Excellence in Food Service and Laundry Solutions from Electrolux Professional

The only company in the world able to provide complete, high performing professional kitchens of one brand in addition to Laundry solutions.


  • To be a reputed world class service provider in the field of hospitality equipment Supply by offering a quality solutions and to take pride in satisfying every need of a customer through a professional handling.

Food Service


Wide range of  700XP, 900XP,  High Productivity and Therma ( Swiss made ) cooking Equipments covering  gas Boiling Tops,  Ranges, Solid tops, Infrared, Induction cook tops, Fryers, Pasta cookers, Fry Tops,  Grills, Boiling Pans, Bratt Pans and so on.

Boiling Pan

Gas Boiling Top

Modular Battery


The High performing dedicated Air-O-Convect and Air-O-Steam Touchline Ovens of  6, 10 ,20 GN  to suit all your demands.

Air O steam

Air O Convect


Best  in class Dishwashing Performance! Sparkling results at Low Running costs!

Glass washers,  undercounter, Hood type and Flight Type dishwashers to various level of  requirement.

UC Type

Hood Type

Compact Rack Type

Preperation  &  Bakery

Vegetable cutters, Peelers, Cutter- Mixers,  Hand Mixers, Meat Mincers, Slicers, vegetable Washers, Dryers, Vaccum packers   and full range of Bakery equipments like Dough mixers, Kneaders, Sheeters, Ovens. 

Veg Cutter

Cutter Mixer

Veg Peeler

Dough Mixer


Professional refrigerators are the only appliances that run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, it is important to assess the qualities of a good professional refrigerator  to rationalize Consumption and improve  the efficiency of its operation.

Glass Door Refrigerator

4 Door Refrigerator / Freezer

UC Refrigerator / Freezer